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As parents, we wanted our kids to experience the fun and joy of playing with Lego and other plastic bricks. We just didn’t like the prices of buying them brand new, so we looked to Trade Me, Facebook Marketplace, op shops and garage sales. 

It was then we discovered the biggest problem; the quality of the used bricks. Dirty, chewed, broken and just plain blurgh! We had to spend hours soaking, scrubbing and sorting the blocks out. Then don’t even mention to us about what we felt like throwing out the pieces we couldn’t clean or were broken. Seriously, who likes throwing something out that they just brought. 

So we decided to help other parents and caregivers out. We buy the used Lego and other plastic blocks, sort, clean and deliver them to you all ready to use straight away. Because who doesn’t like opening and using something they’ve purchased immediately. Even more so when you’re a parent who just needs your kids to give you a five minute break!

Our Plastic Bricks Cleaning Process

Cleanliness is important to us. So is having fun. There’s no way we or our kids would have fun playing with something that wasn’t clean. We know you and your kids wouldn’t either. That’s why we have a strict cleaning regime for our used plastic bricks.

Each brick goes through the same process. It’s picked up, checked for a registered trademark (does it have the Lego logo or not), broken pieces and non branded are removed, and the rest are put into a tub of hot water containing an eco friendly detergent. They soak for a couple of hours, scrubbed, rinsed clean and then air dried. Once again each brick is checked for dirt and grime, broken pieces and trademarked logos.

We aim to sell only genuine, clean and undamaged Lego bricks. But we’re only human and sometimes the odd piece escapes us which doesn’t meet our expectations. That’s why we over provide the quantity of bricks for every order, giving you extra pieces for free!

The Lizard of Bricks® Team

We're the Procter family; Jackie, Matthew and our two LEGO® loving boys. Experienced in creating with and stepping on toy bricks, we're chuffed to be able to provide other families with quality clean pre-loved LEGO®

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